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I had the honor of being invited by the innovative Museum Kranenburgh in Bergen (NL) to create an exclusive FOODSCAPES. 

I was absolutely inspired by their newly opened exhibition of Dutch artist Diana Scherer (1971) ‘FARMING TEXTILES’. Sherer’s beautiful use of grasswork throughout her show gave me the idea to make grass and the colour green my muse for creating this FOODSCAPES.

As we all know, food is energy and we know all the superpowers that Mother Nature feeds us with. Everything is connected and this synergy is recognized when plants and trees communicate with each other in a dimension we humans can’t fully grasp, but we can kind of taste it…and we can hear it.

When the guests entered the dining room, they first witnessed the grand table immersed with a variety of (mostly green) cuisine. Hanging from the ceiling was a hanging piece made from all different types of grass, hovering over this spectacle. One could also hear sounds coming from above, which was a Plant Machine producing sound waves coming from the actual sensors of the grass, all resonating beautiful vibrational music.

The FOODSCAPES was mostly made of green vegetables and fruits, not only selected for their color, but also because green veggies have a reputation of being the most healthy of all, as they are superior in their high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. 

As a tablecloth I used a traditional Dutch jute cloth, tailor made by designer Sasja Strengholt. These so-called ‘Juten Kadoeken’ covers were traditionally used in The Netherlands for warming cows on cold winter days in the fields.

It was a warm and lovely evening with all guests beaming with green energy. I want to thank the museum for trusting me in creating this unique FOODSCAPES, it was an absolute blast to make this for you.

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