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I was very honoured to be invited again by Museum Voorlinden to create another exclusive Foodscapes.

This time for a private dinner at the museum, where the works of Alex Katz, Maarten Baas en Rogier Roeters were being displayed.
The Foodscapes were mostly inspired by the work of the iconic artist Alex Katz (1927) with its summer hues and overal presence of nature and society. 

I wanted to create an imaginary food forrest with all of nature’s goodies and its diversity of complex essences.

I chose the spectacular Mushroom as my main character. Not only known for its distinctive taste, its incredible medical benefits to both mother nature and mankind, but also its inter-communicative quality. Ask any Fungi expert and they will tell you all about how Mushrooms can simply ‘talk to each other’.

So, besides creating a Foodscapes, I also created a Soundscape using machines that translate the vibrations of the fungi into sounds. The guest will not only eat, but also listen, to the sounds of this Food Forrest. A multi sensory experience at its finest.

Nature is full of extraordinary surprises. And so is this little thing we call Life.

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