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Just in between two lock downs, Foodscapes® created The bombastic food fall to celebrate the opening night for Architects studio D/Dock design DB55 for a 150 invited guests in the Amsterdam Harbour.


Bombastic Food Fall Menu


You Rock, We Rock

Well, Hello Yello wodka elderflower ginger rock with trees of lemon thyme and salty rocky crispy Panne Carasau with a dash of olive oil


Bloody Beet Fungi

Marinated Sparissa Crispa with reduced Beaujolais beetroot juice and spicy hot sesame oil 


Cauliflower Center Peace

Slowly roasted cauliflower with artishocks and wild berries which will make you go nuts


The Bombastic Food fall

Slowly roasted fall veggies with spices and herbs served with a hot miso ginger sauce


Funky Freaky Dessert Tableau

Hot apples, puddings and the classic Schwarzwald cake which will give you a cheesy Smile

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